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EYFS – September 2021 Archive

Welcome to EYFS!

Welcome to our EYFS page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Nursery Team – Mrs Martin

Reception Team – Mrs Houghton and Mr Loadman

Week beginning 7.6.21

We have started starting looking at our new Topic, covering Water, Seaside and Summer.

We have noticed the change in weather and have talked about needing to wear sun cream, sun hats and find places of shade. We made our own shady area when the sun was at the hottest in the afternoon.

In Reception we have been working hard to develop the fluency in our reading. We have made really good progress with our Phonics through Read Write Inc and are now starting to apply this in our reading.


English Award – Amelia

Math’s Award – Isabella

Head Teachers Award – Nancy

Week beginning 17.5.21

We have looked at different types of Pets this week’s and did a survey about which animals would make the best pet.

We have carried on with subtraction problems as well as looking a making new shapes and patterns with 2D shapes, we have been very creative. We shared the story Grandpa’s Quilt which showed us what can happen if we turn or rotate different shapes.


English Award – Pandora

Math’s Award – Jack

Head Teachers Award – Shanae

Week beginning 10.5.21

We have continued learning about different animals in our Topic. We have looked at Woodland animals this week and shared different Percy the Park Keeper stories.

We have sequencing the stories and asking and answering questions. We played an I Spy to spot different animals and then practiced talking about what we could see in clear, full sentences.

In Math’s we have been working out subtraction problems and calculations. We knocked down skittles to see how may were left, we started to make our own number sentences and looking at the symbols for subtraction. We are also spending time to recognise the number digits 1 to 10 and 1 to 20.


English Award – Mila

Math’s Award – Louie

Head Teachers Award – Aylssa

Week beginning 4.5.21

Another busy week!!

We are working so hard with our writing, reading and phonics to get ready for Year 1. Remember to check Showbie for extra practise activities.

We have been looking at Farm animals this week and could share lots of information and find out lots of new information by doing research on the IPads. We labelled animals, write simple sentences and Nursery added lots of details to their pictures that they could talk about with a grown up.

In Math’s we are still practicing number order and recognition. We are adding 1 more and 2 more in lots of different ways.


English Award – Suzi

Math’s Award – Max

Head Teachers Award – Robyn

Week beginning 26.4.2021

We have been working hard this week, thinking about designing and planning.  

We have looked at models and positional language in Math’s, so we carried on with this theme and designed and planned our own construction models.

We drew what we wanted to build and talked through our design ideas with adults and our friends. Then  we built our creations and thought and talked about any changes we needed to make.

Nursery and Reception worked together to build a range of different models.

The story we have read this week was ‘The Tiger who came to tea’. We sequenced the story and then planned our own tea parties. We made lists and write sentences in English.


English Award – Nancy

Maths Award – Freddie

Head Teachers Award – Rya

Week beginning 19.4.2021

We have been enjoying our new Topic all about animals.

We have been working hard on number order and writing teen numbers in Maths this week.

We have read and shared ideas and thoughts about the book ‘Dear Zoo’ this week. We named all the different animals and used lots of interesting words to describe and talk about the animals sent from the zoo, words such as ‘Fierce’, or ‘Grumpy’

Nursery made some animals home and painted different types of Zoo animals. Reception have been writing sentences about which animals they would like to be sent by the Zoo.

English Award – Purdey

Maths Award – Pandora

Superstar Award – Jaxson

Week beginning 14.12.2020

We have had a great week with some lovely Christmas activities. We had our Christmas party on Monday, we played games, had party food and danced our Christmas socks off!!

We also watched the Customs House Panto which was really good fun.

We have made cards and calendars that we will be bringing home this week.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let’s hope 2021 brings much needed joy and happiness to all xxx

Week beginning 7.12.2020

This week we carried on with our Phonics, Number work and reading, but also started to get in the Christmas Spirit.

We had our Christmas lunch, which was delicious!

We also had our Christmas jumper day and recorded a Christmas song to share with the parents. We are putting together a Virtual recording of all the year groups singing Christmas songs to share with you all.

English Award – Rya

Maths Award – Jack Ha

Head Teachers Award – Mila

Week beginning 30.11.2020

This week we continued to focus on Traditional Tales. We read and shared ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ The children joined in with the repeated words and phrases from the story. They also explored role play and imaginary play, using the story as a stimulus. Reception did some writing around the story and Nursery developed their use of story language.


We are developing Nursery’s language through their play. This talking and language development will help in all the areas of learning. Lots of talking and asking questions with your child at home will help develop their early language skills.


In Reception we starting developing how we might plan or design they things we make or build. We tried our hand at being architects. We designed a house and then built it!


English Award – Connie

Maths Award – Paisley

Head Teachers Award – Jaxson

Week beginning 23.11.2020

This week we have focused on Traditional Tales. We read and shared ‘The Gingerbread Man’ The children joined in with the repeated words and phrases from the story.


The Nursery children used our new outside blocks to create representations of the Gingerbread Mans house. They worked together and talked to each other about how to build their constructions. We are developing Nursery’s language through their play. This talking and language development will help in all the areas of learning. Lots of talking and asking questions with your child at home will help develop their early language skills.


Reception have retold the story of the Gingerbread Man to each other throughout the week. They worked together outside using the new blocks to create scenes from the story. They could talk about the characters and work together to create representations from the story. We worked on asking and answering questions to take our learning and understanding forward.


English Award – Connie

Maths Award – Lincoln

Head Teachers Award – William

Week beginning 16.11.2020

This week we have talked about differences and similarities between each other. We talked about Anti-Bullying Week and what it means. How we need to treat everyone with kindness and appreciate the things that make us unique.

Odd Socks Day

Thank You to those children who wore odd socks to start our Anti-Bullying week off.


English Award – Shanae

Maths Award – Freddie

Head Teachers Award – Pandora

Week beginning 9.11.2020

This week we thought about Remembrance Day. We had a two minute silence and the teacher told us in a very simple way why people wear poppies and what the meaning is behind Remembrance Day. Some of the children used corks and paints to make some printed poppies.

Nursery and Reception

The children were fascinated by the Fog that was around as they were coming to school. We read a lovely rhyming story called ‘The Foggy Foggy Forest’

The children all joined in with the repeated phrases and could identify the characters they recognized from different Traditional Tales.

Children in Need

Although a little different this year we still celebrated ‘Children in Need’. We all came in non-uniform and brought in donations for the Charity.


English Award – Louie

Maths Award – Nancy

Head Teachers Award – Alyssa

Week beginning 2.11.2020

We hope everyone has had a lovely half term week. As we move into another Lockdown, I just wanted to reassure you about how well the children are coping. Being in school gives them the comfort of routine, and it is so important that they come every day for that reassurance, of the normality of school.  We hope you are all doing well and are here if you need to chat.

Reception reminder – Home Readers will come home on a Friday to be returned on the Monday, to allow books to sit for 72 hours under Covid guidance before books are sorted and given to other households.

Nursery and Reception

The children in both Nursery and Reception have loved the story we shared called ‘The Cranky Bear’. We did a fabulous outside session that involved role play, language, story recall and allowed the children to lose themselves in re-creating the story.


English Award – Jack Hu

Maths Award – Max

Head Teachers Award – Jack Ha

Week beginning 19.10.2020

The first half term has come to an end. All the children are settled brilliantly and very familiar with the routines and expectations. They have all worked so hard and are ready for the half term break.


The Nursery children loved the Halloween morning and looked amazing in their costumes.


The children in Reception will all have a reading book for this half term. Please add comments in their Reading Records to let me know how they get on at home with their reading.


English – Amelia

Maths – Suzi

Head Teacher Award – Purdey

Week beginning 12.10.2020

Our favourite story at the moment is ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.

Both Nursery and Reception have enjoyed this story and we all went on an amazing Bear Hunt in the garden. We acted out parts of the story, searched for the bear, made the bear some tasty food. We thought if he could smell the tasty food he might come out of hiding. We moved over things, under things, around things and through different pieces of equipment pretending we were in the mud, the river or the forest. We made a den for the bear who we eventually found after lots of searching. We used lots of familiar and new vocabulary and language in our adventure


English Award – Fraser

Maths Award – Ellie

Head Teachers Award – Rya

Week beginning 5.10.2020

This week we have shared Autumn songs and talked about the beautiful colours we have started to see outside. We have developed our language and creative skills through the signs of Autumn.


The Nursery children are becoming more confident at exploring all the areas of the provision. We have talked about all the choices we have for learning at Nursery and the children are becoming more independent at choosing the area they want to learn in.


Using the natural resources we found in our outside environment we made our own Autumn trees. We practiced our cutting and snipping skills with the scissors as we cut leaves up to make a leaf pile at the bottom of our trees.

The children in Reception have been exploring the value of the number 4. We found ways to count 4, represent the number 4 and find the number 4 around the classroom. We sorted the toys animals into those with 4 legs and those who had none or a different number of legs.


English Award – Mila

Maths Award – Isabella

Head Teachers Award – Connie

Week beginning 28.9.2020

Another busy week at Burnside. The children have been loving the changes in the outside environment and are very aware of the changing signs of Autumn. The children have collected conkers and leaves of different colours. We are planning some Autumn themed artwork with everything we have collected.


The Nursery children have loved helping collect lots of Autumn leaves and conkers. We have talked about the objects to extend our vocabulary. We also used the natural resources we found outside to help us with our counting.


The children in Reception are making great progress with their phonics. Thank you for supporting the children at home with the practice sheets, it is vital the children have this extra practice of the sounds we have covered.

Remember you can go to www.oxfordowl.co.uk  you can watch some supportive videos. There are also useful tips if you visit www.youtube.readwriteinc


English Award – Robyn

Maths Award – Layton

Head Teachers Award – Paisley

Week beginning 21.9.2020

A very warm welcome to all the new families joining us at Burnside and a warm welcome back to any families who had already started the Foundation Stage. The children have settled so well and we are so proud of all of them.


The Nursery children have been learning our Golden Rules and have been singing action songs to help them remember them. We have started some number songs and have some read some lovely stories such as ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’

Can all Nursery children make sure they have wellies in school so they can access the outside area in all weather.


The children in Reception have loved starting our topic about ‘Bears’. We have read stories, sang songs and completed some amazing artwork. We have also started our Phonic sessions. The children will bring home practice sound sheets after we have covered the sound and it will help your child learn the sounds with more confidence if you also practice them at home.

If you go to www.oxfordowl.co.uk  you can watch some videos about how to say the sounds accurately to support your child. We follow the Read Write Inc phonics program which was developed by Ruth Miskin. There is a You Tube channel you can access where you can watch sample phonic sessions which will give you a flavour of how we deliver the phonics at school.


For more parental videos and information you can also go to


We are currently delivering Set 1 sessions. I will also send more information as we move through the program to support you at home.