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Welcome to our EYFS page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Reception Team – Mrs Houghton and Mrs Martin                                          Nursery Team – Miss Witte and Mr Loadman


To all the Nursery and Reception children, a big hello! I hope you are all safe and well and are enjoying spending time with your family. I miss you all lots, but know you are staying safe and well at home. I am proud of all of you. There are lots of things you can be doing while we are not at school. You need to spend a little time at home working through your packs, but is important you do lots of other things with your time as well. You can bake a cake, draw some lovely pictures to make the people in your house smile, spend time reading stories and make up imaginary worlds with your toys, so you can go on special adventures in your imagination. Keep checking the blog and I will post ideas to keep you busy over the next few weeks. One thing I would like you to do this week is draw or paint a beautiful rainbow to make everyone happy. If your grown ups let you, you could then put it up in your window for the whole world to see.

I have spoken to Miss Witte, Mr Martin and Mr Loadman and they all send you their love. I will speak to you all very soon Mrs Houghton x

Week Beginning 24.2.20

We have set up a brand new Reading Area in our class. We have got some gorgeous new books and feel very lucky to have a space to read quietly and share books with each other.     


Week Beginning 3.2.20

We had a brilliant Number Day. Thank you to all the parents that came into Reception to share number activities with the children. We made looked at shapes, counted numbers, worked on puzzles, completed calculations and shared lots of mathematical vocabulary and language.

Week Beginning 27.1.2020

We have finished reading ‘Max the Brave’, and have had lots of opportunities for learning. We have discussed the description of a mouse and the painted characters.  What do you think?

This week we have been reading the Story ‘Aliens love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort and look forward to doing lots of activities about the characters and objects in the story.  We have used the paints to create observational paintings of our beautiful daffodils.  The children did a fantastic job.  We are excited to celebrate Chinese New Year, and have made a dragon to show in a special celebratory whole school assembly.  We have had a very creative week!

We even had time for a little science experiment.  We made our very own whirlpool, using bottles, water and tape!

Head Teacher Award – Freya for being an all round Superstar!

English Award – Logan A for writing with growing confidence

Maths Award – Masie-Mae for improving her number formation

Week  Beginning 20.1.2020

Another busy week! After last week’s visit to the beach and seeing the Mole Sanctuary, we made our own small world area ‘Burnside’s Mole Sanctuary’. The children have been really interested in finding out more about moles and this lead to an interest in other animals and where they live. In the outside area we made our own mole tunnel. We have been developing our number formation this week as this is something we all decided we needed to improve. We have used formation rhymes and songs to help us.  

Head Teacher Award – Logan A for following all the Golden Rules and having a fantastic week

English Award – Olivia R for writing with growing confidence

Maths Award – Masie-Mae for improving her number formation

Week Beginning 13.1.2020

We are back in our routines and are working very hard during our Adult Led sessions. We are loving our new Weather Topic and have made noticed lots of different types of weather and the impact the weather has. Some of us were able to talk about seeing the Australian Bushfires on the news. Reception saw how the weather changed during our visit to the Beach this week. The waves were very big this week and we chased the waves as they went in and out. We have started our new Core Book, Max the Brave. It has helped Nursery talk about different feelings and think about times they have been brave.

During our visit to the beach we noticed the ‘Mole Sanctuary’ beside the carpark. This has inspired lots of learning and a brilliant topic all about moles. We have found a set of stories called ‘The Mole Sisters’ and are enjoying finding out all about moles.

Week Beginning 6.1.2020

We have all had a lovely Christmas break and are happy to be back in routine and back at school. We have welcomed some new Rising 3 Nursery children into our Early Years provision and they have settled well.

We have had a busy first week. We used Mrs Houghton’s Christmas Wreath to create some enchanted forest pictures. The foliage still smelled fresh and we talked about how we could describe the touch and feel of the pine needles. We have had frost this week and again discussed the appearance and texture of this. We were given some lovely new books by Mrs Kelly and are looking forward to sharing them and developing our Reading area.

Head Teacher Award – Olivia for being kind and a good friend to everyone

English Award – Mary for writing with confidence

Maths Award – Jacob and Logan T for recognising all the number digits up to 20

December 2019

We have had a busy December. We have been carrying on with our Phonics, Reading and Maths and have been working very hard. We have also been doing some extra activities that have lead up to the Festive Break. We had a Christmas Fair and had to make things to sell to raise money for Charity and the School. We made Christmas Cards and Calendars, we were very creative. We also did a Christmas show, we have to learn songs, words and actions and perform in front of an audience. We also had a Christmas Jumper Day, a Christmas Party and a Pyjama Day.

Week Beginning 18.11.19

We had another trip to the beach with Coastal Schools. We found lots of natural and man made waste. We did a litter collection to take some of the rubbish with us in the bin. We played games and worked together to complete little challenges on the beach. We looked for the most unusual pebble we could find and found a heart shaped one. We also completed a Scavenger Hunt for pebbles or rocks with holes in them. We finished with a drink of warm juice as it was very cold at the beach.

Head Teacher Award – Freya for fantastic number work

English Award – Jacob for reading CVC words

Maths Award – Evie for working with numbers up to 20.

Week Beginning 11.11.19

This week we made large class poppies for Remembrance and shared during a special whole school assembly. 

We have been working very hard with our sounds and have been blending the sounds together to hear, make and read CVC words.

We love the Reading books we have started taking home to share. We love the special stories we share at home and talked this week about when we read at home and school.

We also shared a musical story with Dr Renwick. We listened and joined in with actions, words and phrases and we retold they story in class.

Week Beginning 04.11.19

We all came back to school ready to learn after the half term break. We shared some of the things we got up to over the half term and some of us shared our holiday news through little presentations we brought in from home.

It was ‘Children in Need’ and we got a very special visit from ‘Pudsey’. We all came into school in Pudsey and Blush clothes and raised money for the charity.

Week Beginning 14.10.19

Another busy week!

In Nursery we are sharing lots of stories for pleasure and are bringing in our books from home to share. We are reading stories more than once so we get familiar to the events in the story and the language used.

In Nursery and Reception we had a visit from a lady who taught us to be Ice Cats. We played different games that will help us stay safe in lots of ways.

We can crouch like a Hedgehog, squash like a Superhero, move like a train and growl like an Ice Cat.


English Award –

Maths Award –

Head Teacher Award –

Week Beginning 7.10.19

This week we have talked about Houghton Feast, the parade, fireworks and the fairground rides.  We love to celebrate Houghton Feast in Houghton.

We made firework pictures with chalks and pastels. We used straight and curved lines, we smudged some of our marks to give them a different effect. We also used the computer program Purple Mash to make Firework images.  The children used words to describe the sounds that they could hear. 

“bang”   “rainbow sky”   “boom”   “shine”   “sparkle”   “twinkle”

Thank you for the support during the parade, we really do appreciate it.


English Award – Olivia L for working hard to learn her phonic sounds.

Maths Award – Travis for counting in and around the classroom.

Head Teacher Award – Dean for being a good friend.

Week Beginning 30.9.19

Wow! Wow!

We had out first Coastal Schools session this week. We had an fantastic time, we observed the effect the weather has on the coast as it was a wet, dull day. There were channels of flood water and the colours of the skyline were different due to the weather conditions. We did not let the weather stop us, we just dressed appropriately to still have a brilliant learning experience.

We had a scavenger hunt and found lots of different materials on the beach, we sorted and matched and them made a natural number line using what we had found. We cannot wait till our next session!!


English Award – Jack for trying hard with his letter formation

Maths Award – Lilly for working independently with numbers and shapes

Head Teacher Award – Masie-Mae for an brilliant attitude towards school

Week beginning 23.9.19

This week we celebrated National Singing Day on 26th September. Reception and Nursery both went into whole school singing assembly to join in with the songs. It was the first whole school assembly we had been to. We loved the singing and joined in with the songs we knew.

Week beginning 16.9.19

We have worked really hard this week and had lots of fun with a Maths Escape Room challenge. We had to work in teams, communicate clearly with each other, listen to instructions and solve maths puzzles and problems.

This week, Nursery children have been exploring the different areas of the provision.  We have followed our own interests and have been keen to show off what we can do!


HeadTeacher Award – Olivia R for having a mucn more settled week

English Award – Logan A  – for writing his name

Maths Award – Harvey – for solving maths problems in our maths challenge

Week Beginning – 9.9.19

The children have settled really well into Foundation Stage. We welcome all the new Nursery and Reception children and are so pleased with how they have made friends and listened to instructions.

We were very excited to share with the children our new outside sand and water areas. The children have loved exploring and creating in these new areas.


HeadTeacher Award – All of Reception and Nursery for settling so well

English Award – Oliver  – for completing his first picture and mark making with meaning

Maths Award – Logan T – for using number names past 20