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EYFS – Archived 2019

Welcome to EYFS!

Welcome to our EYFS page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Reception Teacher – Mrs Houghton Nursery Team – Mrs Martin and Mr Loadman

Week beginning 20th May 2019

We have loved learning about different jobs during ‘Big Me’ week. We had a visit from a Nurse, Firefighters and Construction workers. We listened with interest about all the different jobs and what they involved. We loved using the water hoses on the Fire Engine.


English Award – Brody

Maths Award – Anya

Headteacher Award – Leah M

Reminder – Nursery music session with Tiny Tweeties on Wednesday 5th June and Reception Visit to St Marys Lighthouse on Friday 7th June.

Week Beginning 13th May 2019

Anna has been learning some simple sign language. She used sound language to say her name.

Week Beginning 6th May 2019

We have been halving in Reception, we have halved objects and then halved amounts. We found lots of things we could half such as play doh, shapes and bugs.

Week Beginning 22nd April and 29th April 2019

After returning from the Easter break we noticed lots of changes in the outside environment. We talked about how we could improve our outside space. The children wanted a ‘Flower Garden’. Mr Cook our site supervisor brought in lots of plants and parents donated seeds. We designed our garden and painted a lovely flower backdrop. Over the next two weeks we made hangings baskets, seed pots and flower pots. We love the results.

Week Beginning 1st April 2019

We cant believe its April already! This week we decorated eggs at home and brought the in for our Easter Egg Competition. Our parents came in for a Coffee Afternoon to look at all the entries. The winners in Reception and Nursery were -Mathew and Masie- Mae. 

Week Beginning 25th March 2019

We visited Seven Stories in Newcastle. We are loving reading for pleasure in Early Years. The David McKee Gallery had stories and displays from Elmer, Mr Benn and Not Now Bernard. We dressed up, read stories, solved puzzles and danced down a Red Carpet for the Elmer parade. We had a fantastic time and have been reading lots more stories after our visit.

Week Beginning 18th March 2019

We celebrated Down Syndrome Awareness Day this week and came to school in funky socks. We talked about how we are all different but at fit together.

Week Beginning 4th March 2019                                                                              

 We loved celebrating World Book Day this week. We brought some of our favourite books in from home to share. We read a range of stories and talked about why we liked the different books. We had a whole school assembly and saw everyone’s amazing costumes!

Nursery’s amazing costumes

Reception’s amazing costumes

Week Beginning 4th February 2019

We celebrated Chinese New Year this week. We found out it was the year of the Pig!    In PE we made up a Chinese Dragon dance. We listened to Chinese music and created a sequence of movements we thought the dragon would make. We performed in front of the whole school during Assembly. 


Week Beginning 27th January 2019

We had a fantastic Maths morning in Foundation Stage. We wore clothes with numbers on or wore something like a badge or jacket with numbers on. We welcomed lots of parents and grandparents to come in and share lots of maths activities with us. We found shapes in the sand and water, made shape pictures, we did number jigsaws and dot to dots, played dominoes and lots more. We loved our magical maths morning!!

Week Beginning 21st January 2019

In Reception are enjoying learning about the different types of weather. We have watched videos of different weathers and had lots of discussion and used lots of new words to describe what we can see. We have also been making up our own ‘Weather Forecasts’.

In Nursery we made instruments to sound like the weather.

Week beginning 14th January 2019

The snow came to Burnside this week. We wrapped up in our warm coats. hats, gloves and scarfs to go outside. We came up with some good words to describe to snow. Snow is crunchy, slippery, wet, cold, icy, freezing, scrunchy, white, shiny and shimmery! Do you like the words we came up with?

Watch our video!! We told our own story about the Ice Palace.


English Award – Grace Rayfield for writing simple sentences

Maths Award – Anna Raine for amazing addition

Head Teacher Award – Leah Corner for always being kind and helpful


Nursery – 92.5%

Reception – 96.5%

Week beginning 7th January 2019

Happy New Year!!

We welcomed all the children back to Nursery and Reception this week and heard all about their Christmas break.

We have new Rising 3 children who have started this week. We have shown them all of our classroom and shared our Golden Rules, they have all enjoyed their first week in Nursery.

In Reception we are back to our phonics and numbers, we have been superstars all week learning about size and practising our Reading for Mrs Houghton. We all have reading books that we take home and have blown Mrs Houghton’s sock off with how much our reading has improved since December.


English Award was given to Leah Corner for using her phonic knowledge to read words.

Maths Award was given to Thomas Matthew Roberts for using language related to size.

Head Teacher Award was given to Lillie Askew for her kind, loving, helpful nature.

December 2018

We have had a very busy month. We have still had lots of phonics, reading, writing and Maths time but we have also enjoyed the build up to Christmas.

Reception and Nursery both put on Christmas Performances, we were all very confident performing in front of our grown ups.

We all came in our favourite Christmas Jumper and raised money for Charity.

Christmas lunch was very tasty!!

The Christmas Party was great fun and we had a visit from Santa.

Week beginning 26th November 2018

We were very lucky to receive a visit from a British Athlete.

He did an activity session for us, showed us how to stretch properly and different ways we could move our bodies. He told us about his fitness routine and the effect exercise has on our bodies. We had great fun staying fit!

Week beginning 12th November 2018

Reception visited the Library this week. We found out about how the Library worked and we were read a story by the Librarian. We LOVED the story telling chair and were very good at answering the question the Librarian asked us about the book she read.

We have been sharing our favourite stories this week and reading some Traditional tales. this has meant we have been doing lots of oral story telling in our small world areas.



English Award was given to Anna Raine for using her phonic knowledge to write words.

Maths Award was given to Thomas Percival for starting to use a number line.

Head Teacher Award was given to Phoebe Hopper for a great attitude to learning.

Week beginning 5th November 2018

Throughout the week we have been learning about a war that happened a long time ago, 100 years ago. We have made a big poppy for the school display and smaller poppies for our class. We made a place we could light a candle for soldiers that lost their lives in the war. Every child lit a candle. We were lucky that Mr Loadman’s wife wrote a poem about the war that she sent into school for us.

We have been lucky enough to have Dr Renwick come into school this week and he has retold traditional tales through music, song and actions. The children were encouraged to take an active part with instruments and to repeat familiar phrases and words. The children were engaged, enthusiastic and focused throughout the session. We retold the Gingerbread Man.


English Award was given to Ellie Scotter for starting to blend her sounds to make words.

Maths Award was given to Anna Raine for a good understanding of positional language.

Head Teacher Award was given to Leah Corner for always giving 100% effort/


Nursery 99%

Reception 100%

Week beginning 29th October 2018

We scooped out all the insides from a pumpkin, we loved touching and feeling the seeds and flesh from the pumpkin, we came up with some fantastic descriptive words.

‘gloopy’  ‘slimy’  ‘bumpy’  ‘soft’  ‘squishy’  ‘lumpy’

Mr Loadman used a sharp knife to carve out its face and we told him what we wanted for our Halloween design.

Reception loved reading some spooky stories and retelling them to each other. We described the characters and acted out our favourite bits. The stories we enjoyed to most were ‘Room on the Broom’ and ‘Winnie the Witch’.

Nursery created magical wands using twigs and branches we found in our garden. They then created some spooky spells. The teachers were turned into frogs!!!!!

Nursery and Reception were lucky enough to have a Halloween party organised by the PTA, parents who love to help the school. We came dressed up, danced and played spooky party games. We all had lots of fun.


Nursery 97.7% and Reception 100%


English Award was given to Darcie Wilkinson for independent mark making.

Maths Award was given to Lillie Askew for sorting shapes and making patterns.

Head Teacher Award was given to Anna Raine for always making things at home to bring into school.

Week beginning 15th October 2018

We have been sorting, naming and making patterns with 2D and 2D shapes. We are learning songs to help us to remember the names of the shapes.

Both Nursery and Reception read ‘The Owl who was afraid of the Dark’. We loved how it described the dark and we had lots of talk in our groups about what we feel and think about the dark.


Nursery 96.2% and Reception 100%


English Award was given to Thomas Percival for using his phonics.

Maths Award was given to Grace Rayfield for great patterns in shape

Week beginning 8th October 2018

This week Houghton Feast came to visit, lots of the children and families took part in the Saturday Parade, a BIG THANK YOU, to everyone that came along.

Lots of the children went to the Fireworks on Monday night the 8th of October. We sang songs the next day about the firework and talked about the colours and noises that the children had seen. Some of the children made their own firework pictures.

In reception this week we have been using the sounds we have been working on the blend and segment to read words. We worked very hard and are keen to read more words.


Nursery 97% and Reception 99%


English Award was given to Lillie Askew for using her phonics to read words.

Maths Award was given to Phoebe Hopper for counting with accuracy.

Head Teacher Award was given to Darcie Wilkinson for having a fantastic attitude.

Week beginning 1st October 2018

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from ‘Hoopstars’

Both Nursery and Reception were shown how to Hula Hoop. We had an energetic workshop and by the end we had all managed to Hula Hoop, even if it was just a little bit!!!The teachers had a go too!!

We loved being so active and physical and are looking forward to doing lots more for our physical development.




Nursery 96.3% and Reception 99.2%


English Award was given to Matthew Roberts for amazing independent phonics work.

Maths Award was given to Brody McParlin for showing an interest in numbers all around the classroom.

Head Teacher Award was given to Darcie Wilkinson for being an all round SUPERSTAR!

Week beginning 24th September 2018

What a busy week!

The windy weather has blown down lots of acorns which we have collected and used in our Maths this week. We have counted things we can hear and things we can see, we used our acorn collection to help up make number lines and count up to 10 objects.

Reception have been learning lots more sounds and have been practising our letter formation in lots of different ways, we have used chalk outside, made rainbow letters and looked for letters all around the classroom.

Nursery have been really interested in Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. They have sorted by colour and by size. They have counted using lots of small, medium and big sized bears. They have also retold the story with songs and actions. Thank You to one of our Grandparents for the fantastic Goldilocks shoebox.


Nursery 81% and Reception 88%


English Award was given to Leah Mayne for recognising and writing her letter sounds.

Maths Award was given to Faith Mullan for lots of accurate counting.

Head Teacher Award was given to Leah Corner for independently doing all her buttons up on her cardigan by herself.

Week beginning 17th September 2018

We have had a fantastic week in Foundation Stage.

We have been starting to find out about Bears. We have read some bear stories and used action and songs to retell some of our favourite ones, we loved ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

Reception have been learning phonic sounds and we have started Read Write Inc. A BIG Thank You to all the parents who attended the Phonic Workshop on Friday 21st September. Nursery have been learning how to listen and sit in a group. They have also been naming colours and sorting a variety of objects related to their size.

We have made some pictures using the leaves and twigs Storm Ally blew down.

We made some dens for the bears we had read about in our story sessions this week.


Nursery 86% and Reception 100%


English Award was given to Faith Mullan for recognising and writing her letter sounds.

Maths Award was given to Matthew Roberts for recognising his number digits.

Head Teacher Award was given to Grace Rayfield for an enthusiastic attitude to learning.

Week beginning 10th September 2018

We have all enjoying our first full week in the Foundation Stage.

We have learned the Golden Rules and enjoyed staying for school lunch. We have made new friends, been superstar’s at tidying up and enjoyed taking turns and listening to instructions.

We all did our own portrait and then painted twigs to make frames for them.

We are all excited to see what we learn next week.


Nursery 85.4% and Reception 100%


English Award was given to Anna Raine for writing her own name

Maths Award was given to Leah Corner for counting with confidence

Head Teacher Award was given to all the children in EYFS for having fantastic attitudes.