Weekly Blog

Week 8.1.18
This week we have started our mini topic 'A Wonderful World'. We have had lots of fun learning about the history of the world. We have played with some old and new toys and we thought about how things have changed. This week in P.E we have been learning about dance from the swing era. We watched a video of swing dancing and then we had a go with our partners.
Week 15.1.18
This week we started our road safety workshops. We learnt a song to remind us to 'stop, look and listen', we discussed the different types of traffic that we might find on our roads and we dressed up in reflective clothing. We are looking forward to developing our road safety awareness over the next couple of weeks.
Week 22.1.18
This week we have started our new topic 'Superheroes'. We have started to look at our new text 'Charlie's superhero underpants' and we have completed some fantastic predictions about what we think might happen in the story. 
In Maths we have been adding numbers to 20 using a range of resources. 
We also enjoyed our road safety walk on Wednesday afternoon. 
Week 29.1.18 
This week we have had a cheeky gingerbread man in our classroom! The children have enjoyed solving the mystery. We wrote letters to Charlie the superhero asking him for his help to catch the gingerbread man. We used exciting adjectives and included question marks and exclamation marks! Have a look at some of our super writing! 
Week 19.2.18 
This week we wanted to learn about how superheroes fly! We thought about Charlie from our class text 'Charlie's superhero underpants'. We wanted to make something to help Charlie fly. We decided to make jet packs! We decorated a plastic bottle and watched it shoot of into the sky. We are going to write instructions to help Charlie make his own jet pack. We also thought about gravity as it caused the jet pack to eventually land back onto the ground. 

This week as also had an assembly by the R.N.L.I. We learnt about how to be safe out at sea!  
Week 12.3.18
This week we have enjoyed our world book day! We all looked amazing in our costumes and spent time exploring new and exciting books. In English this week we have been writing a newspaper report. We have thought about the features of a newspaper and how to make our news sound exciting. 
In Gymnastics we have been practising our rolling and balancing skills which we have greatly enjoyed. 
Week 19.3.18
This week in maths we have been learning about length and height. We have enjoyed measuring different objects around the classroom using our ruler. In English we have been writing a comparison of two different settings, a swamp and the desert. We thought carefully about the similarities and differences between the two places.
We have began our learning about the Easter Story in R.E. We have thought about why Easter is celebrated.
Week 16.4.18
In Year 1 we have enjoyed the start of our summer term! We have began our new topic 'A Toy's Story' and we have discussed what we would like to learn over the next few weeks. In History, we have been learning about William Hamley and the history of toy shops. In English, we have completed some predicting work around our new text 'I Love You, Blue Kangaroo' and in D.T. we have planned and designed a hand puppet which we will make next week!