The children in Year 2 need some practise with their number bonds, so we have thought of a song to help them along. I have attached the words on the right.
I have also attached a big maths activity to help with rapid response of number bonds. In this activity, the children are given calculations, they need to try to complete the questions in 30 seconds. It is a good idea to start the children on the Year 1, Level 1 quiz and move through them as they need to.
Also in year 2, the children will be expected to learn their 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. This means the children should be able to answer the times tables and division facts for these tables.
There are lots of resources online including games and songs if you want to provide them with educational activities at home!
9 and 1 are number bonds.
8 and 2 are friends.
And 7 and 3,
and 6 and 4,
and 5 and 5 are twins.