Weekly Blog

Welcome back! We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year!
Year 2 have come back to school with a great attitude this week. They have been trying their best and have got back into the swing of the school routine quickly. This week we have started a new mini topic called "A Wonderful World". This week we have looked at the continents and oceans in geography, we have retold the creation story in RE and we have written instructions for a friendship recipe in PSHE, all linked to our new topic. We have also written some instructions in English and moved onto multiplication in Maths.
On Friday, we also had Nick Brennan from 'Skipping Schools' in our class to teach us different ways to skip such as speed bounce and a 'keep the kettle boiling' game. The children will practice these skills in our PE lessons over the next few weeks and in March we will be joining other schools for a skipping festival. The children had a great morning- please look at the Skipping file in the year 2 class folder to see some photographs and videos.
This week in year 2, we have continued our mini topic of 'A Wonderful World'. Within this the children have looked at Florence Nightingale: they researched her on the computer, created a timeline of her life and thought about how hospitals have changed over the years. The children found the history of hospitals very interesting. 
We have also been thinking about the importance of reading. Please ensure your child brings their book into school everyday, even if it has not been read at home. 
Next week, we are going to be starting a new text in English. We will be moving onto learning about 2D shapes and patterns with shapes in maths. We will also be starting our new topic of plants and animals. We are going to start this term with plants and what they need to survive.
We also can't wait to see the children's homework projects!
In Year 2 this week, we have moved onto our new topic which is all about plants and animals. The children will be learning all about plants until the half term, then move onto learning about animals after the holidays.
This week, the children formulated questions which they would like to be answered within our topic. During our science lesson, the children labelled parts of a plant. One child asked what would happen if a plant didn't have water, soil or light. From this, we decided to carry out a seed investigation.
We have planted a seed with water, light and soil, a seed with no water, a seed with no soil and a seed with no light. The children are excited to see what will happen and if they will grow!
This week, we have been looking at 3D shapes in Maths and we have been focussing on conjunctions in English. The children have really enjoyed starting our new topic. We have spent some time transforming our classroom reading area into a tree and house the children have loved it.
On Thursday, Bryan from the LAF team came into school to teach the children about healthy living. Our class thought about the different food groups and discussed why these foods were important to us. We also sorted different items into the correct section of the eat well plate.
On Thursday afternoon, we had the opportunity to go to Houghton Library and take part in a 'Canny Kitchen' workshop. In this, the children made cakes, hot chocolate, broomstick breadsticks and book sandwiches all based around Harry Potter. The children had a brilliant time. Please look at the 'Canny Kitchen' folder on the year 2 page to see the pictures.  
This week, we thought about healthy food and snacks. We looked at the fruit snacks which the children get at playtime and we decided to investigate any new fruits which the children would like to see. The children used their senses to think about the food types then eventually tasted them, deciding whether they liked them or not. After the holidays, we will use this information to create tally charts, pictograms and bar charts.
Welcome back after the holidays! We hope you had a lovely time!
This week, we have been working on statistics in Maths which includes constructing and interpreting tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. The children have worked well in this and have started to represent their data in different ways.
In English, the children are excited to have finally read the whole story of 'Ruby Nettleship and the Ice Lolly Adventure'. They loved Ruby's magical park and describes it well using expanded noun phrases. 
It has recently been Chinese New Year, so this week, we celebrated this as a school. Year 2 were chosen to taste Chinese food. We ate ramen, mango mocha, lychee sweets, prawn crackers and fortune cookies. Most of the children liked the food and were interested in learning facts about Chinese new year, 
This week, we have moved onto fractions in maths, we have moved onto halves and quarters and we will continue with this next week.
We have also been continuing with our animals topic this week, the children enjoyed learning about food chains and animals habitats. 
In English, we have started reading a new text called 'The Bog Baby.' The children went to our school pond so we could look at Bog Baby's habitat and when we got there, we found our very own Bog Baby friends. The children were so excited and can't wait to look after their new friends.
In Year 2 this week, we have been learning more about our topic of animals. The children have been thinking carefully about how animals adapt to their habitats. We used this knowledge to help us with our bog babies. Some of our bog babies became poorly because they were taken away from their natural habitat so we created our own in the classroom. The children also looked at how we can look after a habitat like the pond.
In school this week, we also had our rescheduled world book day. The children had a brilliant time and all looked fantastic in their costumes!!
This week, we have visited Broom House Farm for the second time. When we were there, we went on a nature trail, saw a baby lamb being born, visited lots of other animals and had a great time in the forest adventure. The children had a brilliant time! Please look at the Broom House Farm Spring folder to see all of the photos!
Welcome back into the Summer Term! We hope you had a lovely Easter holiday!
Year 2 have come back to school very well and have been really settled and ready to learn. This week, we have started to look at time in maths and we have been writing a letter in English. We have also started our new topic, 'From Feasts to Festivals', which will focus on the difference between India and England.
In our topic lessons this week, we have focussed on Houghton-le-Spring. We have been thinking about what it looks like now and what might have changed over the years. We had a walk into Houghton and discussed the changes which have happened over the years. The children found this really interesting!!