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Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to our Year 6 page. Here you will find important information about our class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 6 staff:

Miss Amy Whiffin – Teacher

Mrs Alison Davison – Teaching Assistant

We had lots of fun in the snow this week! We built Steve the snowman πŸ™‚

Week beginning 14.12.20

Take a look at all of our fabulous Christmas activities that we’ve taken part in this week. We’ve had a lovely week. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas break with your families. Stay safe everyone!

Week beginning 7.12.20

We have really started to get into the Christmas spirit in Year 6 this week. We enjoyed Christmas jumper and Christmas lunch day and we completed our Christmas Window competition on Friday too. Well done to Year 6 for their hard work – we can’t wait to hear how we did! Pop along to Hopes Pharmacy in Houghton le Spring to have a look πŸ™‚


In English this week, we have worked hard to complete our unit on our non-chronological reports. The children wrote some amazing pieces of writing with lots of facts about World War One trenches.


In Maths this week, we have continued our work on fractions. We have focused on comparing and ordering fractions. We know that we can’t order or compare a fraction with a different denominator therefore we used our knowledge on finding equivalent fractions to help us!


In Topic this week, we have started our science unit on Electricity. The children have enjoyed using the equipment to make working circuits.

Week beginning 30.11.20


In English this week, the children have started to work on their non-fiction unit where we are going to write a non-chronological report on World War One trenches. We looked at an example, researched lots of information and planned the layout of our text to cater to our audience.


In Maths this week, we have started our fractions unit. The children have found equivalent fractions, simplified fractions and converted between improper and mixed fractions.


In Topic this week, the children have completed our history unit. We have talked about why animals were used in the war and we wrote a balanced argument about if animals should be used in war, and discussed how the First World War ended.


Head Teacher’s award:

English award:

Maths award:

Reading Plus awards: Katie

Week beginning 23.11.20

The children have worked really hard this week in all areas of the curriculum.


In English this week, we have written our narrative based on the Christmas Truce of 1914. The children created a very distinct atmosphere which was full of tension and suspense!

We had a very exciting virtual visit from author Jamie Littler this week, author of FrostHeart. The children loved it!


In Maths this week, we have completed our work on multiplication and division. We are looking forward to starting fractions next week – Miss Whiffin loves fractions!


In Topic this week, we have focused on our history skills and put World War One events onto a timeline. We also found out about events during The Battle of the Somme.


Head Teacher’s award:

English award: Piper for writing an amazing narrative

Maths award:

Pen licence: Piper

Reading Plus awards:

Week beginning 16.11.20

I was so pleased to be back in school and to see the hard work the children have done while I have been away from school. They have made me very proud.


In English this week, we have continued our work on The Christmas Truce video and worked on adding tension and atmosphere to our narratives.


In Maths this week, we have been completing SAT papers. The children have worked so super hard on their tests this week and I am so proud of their achievements at this point in the year.


In Topic this week, we have been focusing on Anti-Bullying week. We have discussed as a class how we will ensure we do not have bullying at Burnside and created posters to discuss the severity of cyber bullying.

Week beginning 9.11.20

The children have worked super hard this week in all areas of the curriculum. I’m super proud of their good behavior and maturity they have shown while I have been away from school.


In English this week, we have started to look at the clip ‘The Christmas Truce’ which is what we will be basing our narrative unit on this half term. The children have sequenced the events within the clip and used descriptive language to describe the setting.


In Maths this week, we have been looking at factors, multiples, primes numbers, square numbers and cubed numbers. The children have worked very hard and have been fantastic at understanding all this different maths vocabulary!


In Topic this week, we have been completing an Art block. We have used our painting skills to use colours and shapes to convey a mood. They have completed some brilliant art work based on World War One.

Week beginning 2.11.20

What a wonderful week we have had returning to school. I hope you all had a lovely half term break. The children have settled well back into their routines and are enjoying their new topics this half term already!


In English this week, we have started to look at the book War Game as a focus from our World War One topic. We have used senses, description and emotive language to describe different parts of the book.


In Maths this week, the children have worked super hard to master long division. It was difficult at first but we finally got there!


We have enjoyed our new topic ‘In Flanders Fields’ and starting to look at why World War One started.

Week beginning 28.9.20


In English this week, the children have continued to enjoy the story of Macbeth. We have looked further into the characters of the witches and looked at the difference between direct and reported speech. I am really looking forward to the children writing their whole narratives next week.


In Maths this week, we have been practising our addition and subtraction skills. We have added and subtracted integers, as well as became confident in using the inverse to check our answers.


In Topic this week, the children have used their research from last week of their USA state to write an information page about it. They have produced amazing pieces of work and have really enjoyed independent research. In Art this week, the children have used their drawing skills to create shadows. They will use their drawing skills next week to draw a USA landmark.


Head Teacher’s award: James for amazing attitudes towards our Reading Plus programme

Maths award: Maggie for working super hard on column subtraction with exchanging

English award: Katie for an AMAZING setting description!

Reading Plus awards:

Molly has achieved level B reading

Katie has achieved level D reading

Millie has achieved level C reading

Piper has achieved level A reading

Mercedes has achieved level A reading

James has achieved level A reading

Ethan has achieved level A in reading

Hayden has achieved level B in reading

I am so proud of the achievements so far on our Reading Plus programme. The children have really tried super hard and their progress reflects this.


The deadline for hoodies to be ordered is this Monday 5th October. If you wish to order, please do so using the information provided on the letter that was sent home.

I will be holding a puberty talk with Year 6 next week. If you would not like your child to take part in this, please let the office know by Monday 5th October.

Week beginning 21.9.20

We have had another great week in Year 6 this week and the children have worked super hard. We had such an exciting week this week, as we voted and selected our new Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl, and Anti Bullying Ambassadors. Here they are, with their shiny new badges! Well done guys!

Head Girl and Head Boy
Lilly and Lucas
Anti Bullying Ambassadors
Amira, Sophie, Ethan, Grace


In English, we have continued looking at the story of Macbeth. We looked at the original playscript by Macbeth and analysed the archaic language, the children loved it! We have also worked on the setting of the story, and have used senses and descriptive language to describe.


In Maths this week, we have continued our place value unit with a focus on rounding and negative numbers. The children have worked super hard and have gained a good understanding of these concepts.


In Topic this week, we have been focusing on the physical and human features of the USA, including their landmarks. The children have chosen a landmark of their interest and researched facts about it so that we can write an information page on their landmark next week.


Head Teacher’s award: Neave for working super hard all week

English award: Lacie for having excellent ideas

Maths award: James for great work in maths

Our class had the best attendance this week too, we got 97.7%! We get an extra 10 minutes playtime for being the best class, well done everyone!


Reading Plus Club is on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays until 4pm. The children who have attended so far have already made lots of progress on their reading fluency and understanding. It would be beneficial for all the children to attend as many sessions as possible. Please let me know if you would like your child to attend.

Week beginning 14.9.20

It has been so lovely getting back into a routine with the children this week. They have settled into Year 6 so well and I am super proud of each and every one of them. I can tell we are going to have a great year! The children have enjoyed getting back into the swing of things this week and have worked really hard.


In English this week, we have enjoyed starting our new unit based around William Shakespeare’s playscript: Macbeth. We have used a video which explains the story and have started work on the sequence of the story and the main characters. The children are really enjoying it and are looking forward to looking deeper into archaic language next week. Here is a link to the video if you want to talk about the story at home!


In Maths this week, the children have been recapping their place value knowledge. We have worked hard to read, write, order and compare numbers up to ten million and round numbers.


We have started our new topic learning this week on our USA topic. We have identified countries within North and South America as a continent, and then looked at the 50 states of the USA as a focus. I’m looking forward to seeing the children’s homework projects surrounding this topic πŸ™‚


Head Teacher’s award: Isabelle for being a good friend

English award: Sophie for excellent descriptive writing about Macbeth

Maths award: Hayden for great work on place value this week

Well done everyone!


A letter went home to parents on Friday regarding Reading Plus. Reading Plus is an online reading programme which aims to improve fluency and comprehension skills within reading. Year 6 are trialling the programme this half term and I am running an after school club on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays so the children can access the programme. The children are more than welcome to access Reading Plus at home too. Please contact me if you have any queries regarding this.

Homework is given out on a Wednesday and should be returned to school on Monday.

Reading books are given out on Mondays and should be brought in on Fridays. There should be a minimum of 3 signatures per week by an adult in the home reading record.