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Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to our Year 6 page. Here you will find important information about our class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 6 staff:

Miss Amy Whiffin – Teacher

Mrs Lesley Pattison – Teaching Assistant

Curriculum Newsletter Year 6

Homework Project

Week beginning 15.10.18

Thank you to all of the parents that attended parents evening this week. It was a pleasure to discuss how well the children have settled into Year 6 and tell you all about the fantastic work they have produced.


This week, the children have been using their rounding skills to estimate. We have been rounding numbers to create mathematical estimations when answering problem solving questions.


Wow! I am blown away with the children’s work this week in English. We have been working hard all week on transforming a play into a narrative and looking how we can add characterisation and action to our stories. The children used their creative minds to use the play as a stimulus to write a narrative linked to our Charles Darwin topic.


In topic this week we have been looking at classification of animals, plants and micro-organisms. The children could discuss how to classify animals into groups based on their characteristics and they could explain the definitions of the group names.


Head teacher’s award: Adam Foster for creating a fantastic homework project.

Maths award: Marshall Carroll for excellent subtraction work.

English award: Amber Robertson for adding amazing characterisation to speech.

Golden table awards: Layla Chipchase and Ellie Coulson


Well done everyone!


Our attendance this week was _____%

Well done to everyone in Year 6 who brought in fantastic topic homework projects linked to our learning this term. I am so impressed with your creativity! Here are some examples of the fantastic work we have produced this half term:


Week beginning 8.10.18

Our last week this half term! Where has the time gone?! As usual, Year 6 have been working super hard and I can’t wait to discuss with parents at parents evening next week how well the children have settled into Year 6.


We have been working really hard in Maths this week, looking closely at missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals. This has been quite a tricky concept but the persistence and resilience shown by Year 6 has been amazing and they cracked it in the end!


What a busy week we have had in English this week – we have created some fantastic journals as Charles Darwin in the Galapagos Islands. The children used their scientific knowledge in their journals to present Darwin’s findings. I am super impressed with their writing! Check back soon for some pictures of some finished products.


Topic this week has been based around Geography. We have used 6 figure grid references to find places in the world, identified oceans around the world and even identified different climate zones around the world! Year 6 are definitely now amazing geographers 🙂


Head Teacher’s award: Liam Marriot for being an amazing goalie and doing the Burnside football team proud!

English award: Katie Ritchey for writing a fantastic journal.

Maths award: Josh Tansey for working hard while solving missing angles in quadrilaterals.

Golden table: Ella Elliot and Savannah Ramshaw

Well done everyone!


This week’s attendance was 96% – much improved Year 6, well done! 🙂


Next week is the last week for the topic homework project to be handed in – I am looking forward to seeing your creations! The projects brought in so far have been great 🙂

Well done to the 5 children in Year 6 that represented Burnside in the ‘Go Run’ morning on Thursday.

Week beginning 1.10.18

Year 6 have had a very busy week! We have had lots of fun taking part in the Bikeability course and all children who took part should receive a certificate and badge soon, well done! We have also had a taster day visit to Kepier on Tuesday which was also very fun!


In Maths this week, we have been looking at the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals. We have found out about the angles within them as well as how to find missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.


In English this week we have been working super hard writing our Charles Darwin biographies! I am really impressed with the content of our biographies. Some of our amazing work is shown below.


In topic this week, we have been looking closely at the main countries within the continents of the world including Africa, Asia and Oceania. We used our amazing atlas skills to locate these countries within the continents and then find physical features of them. The children did so well using the atlas to help them with their work – well done! Here are some pictures of our tricky geography work this week.


Head teachers award: Brogan Wood for having amazing attitudes and behaviour during our Bikeability week

English award: Layla Chipchase for writing a fantastic biography on Charles Darwin

Maths award: Abbie Fletcher for good work on identifying triangles

Golden table awards: Rose and Ellie

Well done everyone! 🙂


This week’s attendance was 92%.


Thanks to everyone who has ordered a leavers hoodie. We are going to look into ordering the hoodies once the numbers are finalised and hopefully the children will have them in the next few weeks!

Don’t forget that the topic homework deadline is approaching. This deadline is Friday 19th October. If you have lost your copy of the topic homework sheet, it is attached at the top of this page.

Homework is sent out on a Wednesday and should be brought in on a Friday. Please ensure your child brings in their completed homework by Monday.

As the children have had Bikeability this week and we have had limited Spelling sessions in the classroom, I am extending the children’s spelling until next week. This means that next week they will have the same spelling rule so that we can work on it in the classroom as well as the children learning them at home.


Week Beginning 24th September 2018 


In English this week we have been building up to writing a biography of Charles Darwin. We have looked at semi-colons and colons to add to our biographies. I can’t wait to see what Year 6 produce when they write them next week 🙂


We have been working so hard in Maths this week on understanding multiples, factors and primes. The children have persevered with this as it is quite tricky but we got there in the end!


This week in Science we have been looking closely at the discoveries of Darwin in the Galapagos Islands. We wrote a diary entry as Charles Darwin discussing our amazing discoveries of the finches. We have also been looking at fossils and examining their similarities and differences to living relatives. Take a look at some amazing examples of our work below!

Homework Projects 

I have been astounded by some of the homework projects that we have received this week! Take a look at them below. Please carry on fetching your amazing creations into school 🙂


Head Teacher’s award this week went to Rihanna Hopper for an amazing model of the HMS Beagle as her homework project

English award this week went to Alex White for using excellent cohesive devices in his writing

Maths award this week went to Hayden Smith for perseverance in prime numbers!

Golden Table awards: Jack Lowes and David Kane

Well done everyone!


This week’s attendance was 93%. Let’s try to get it above our 96% target next week!


Bikeability week starts next week Monday 1st October – please remember your child should bring in their signed consent from as well as a road-worthy bike and helmet. Bikes can be left in school overnight throughout the week if desired.

The deadline for hoodie payments is Monday 1st October. Please ensure your payment has been handed into the office by this date so that we can get them ordered.



Week Beginning 17th September 2018

What a busy week we have had in Year 6 this week. The children have become more confident with their everyday routine and they have worked so hard!


In English this week, we have been working towards writing a formal persuasive letter. We have all taken on the role of Captain Fitzroy, the captain of the HMS Beagle, and wrote a letter to Darwin to persuade him to come and work on the ship. Check back soon to see our amazing finished products – I wonder who will be Writer of the Week?!


The children have been working super hard in Maths this week, working on BODMAS. We struggled at first but we persevered and got there in the end! Well done Year 6! We are now beginning to look at factors, multiples and primes which we will continue with next week too.


Our topic work this week has been based around our science – Evolution and Inheritance. The children brought in photos of themselves and a family member and we described traits we had inherited from our family members. This allowed the children to experience first hand what inheritance meant within humans. We also transferred this new skill to discuss inheritance within animal families. We have also begun to look at how plants and animals adapt to their environment. Next week, we will look closely at Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

In Art this week we have focused on our drawing and sketching skills. We used different movements of the pencil to create shadows and tried to depict real life qualities within our drawings. We made portraits of ourselves which linked to our PSHE work – recognising self worth. Take a look at our budding artists – the work they produced was amazing!


Head Teacher’s Award: Katie Ritchey for always trying her best in everything that she does 🙂

English Award: Brogan Wood for using persuasive devices in her writing

Maths Award: Alex White for being a BODMAS King!

Golden Table: Lexie Robinson and Abbie Fletcher  



Well done to Abbie Fletcher and Alex White who have been selected to represent Burnside as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 🙂

The parent drop-in session to discuss/apply for your child’s secondary school place is next Thursday, 27th September 3:30pm-4:30pm. 


Week Beginning 10th September 2018

Wow! Our second week in Year 6. The children have settled in so well and I am so proud of the way they have tackled the challenges Year 6 faces. I can already tell this year is going to be fantastic!


In English this week we have begun to read our text ‘What Mr Darwin Saw’ which links to our ‘Darwin’s Delights’ topic. We have worked hard all week finding out about Charles Darwin’s early life using the text as well as research we have found online and we produced some outstanding fact files from this! Take a look at our amazing work in the pictures below.


In Maths this week, we have been learning how to read, write, order and compare numbers up to ten million in a variety of ways. We have used our reasoning and problem solving skills to apply our understanding in different circumstances.


In Topic this week we have begun researching and asking questions about our new topic – Darwin’s Delights. The children used search engines to find information about the topic and ask further questions about Charles Darwin’s theories. Since we are learning about the theory of evolution, we have also been discussing other religion’s beliefs in R.E on how the world began and the children discussed and wrote about different creation stories from around the world. Check out our amazing work we have produced in our topic lessons this week!


Our attendance this week was 98%. Well done Year 6! Let’s aim for 100% next week 🙂


Head teacher’s award: Abbie Fletcher for being a fantastic addition to our class and an amazing role model to Burnside.

Maths award: Alisha Charlton for stepping up to the Year 6 mark with determination!

English award: Jack Lowes for giving 110% effort in his work all week!

Golden table awards: Brogan Wood and Jessica Atkinson



Our P.E session is on a Wednesday. Please make sure your child brings in their full P.E kit for this day.