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Getting started

In order to use TheSchoolApp, you will firstly need to have this downloaded on your mobile or tablet device. Please ensure your devices are on their latest software versions for optimal use of TheSchoolApp.


How to install/update your school app

Should you have an Apple device you will need to visit the App Store and search for TheSchoolApp. You will see this appear as the below.




 Select the blue ‘Get’ button which will appear next to the app in the store to start the download of the app onto your device.

If you have an Android device, you will need to visit the Google Play Store on your device and search for TheSchoolApp. You will see this appear as the below.




Tap the green ‘Install’ button to start the download of the app onto your device.  Once downloaded the app will sit on the home screen of your device for use.

Should you already have TheSchoolApp installed on your device from previous use, you will need to update the app itself to the very latest version. To do this, you will need to go to either the App Store or Google Play Store on your device and check for any available updates for the app. This will be listed within the store itself. You may have your device set to automatically update your apps to the latest versions when your device is on charge, if so, you will not need to go and manually do this.


The process for Authentication

You will have the ability to view the app as a guest or as an authenticated user. Should you be an authenticated user of the app this means that you will receive private messages from the school should they wish to send any. Anyone viewing the app as a guest can receive public messages from the school, but these would only be whole school messages, not private messages relating to individual children or groups.

  • Note: Should you require the authentication process to be displayed in another language to help assist you through the process, you can click the Translate with Google icon in the top right corner. You can find out more information about translation towards the end of this document.



In order to receive private messages from the school, you will firstly need to be given access by the school. Once you are given app access you will receive an invite via a text message to start the authentication process.

The text itself will come from ‘TheSchoolApp’ and the wording will be as follows: ‘Your school have given you access to receive private app messages. To verify your phone number, please follow this link

  • Please note that the link given will need to be tapped on from your mobile device link will check which version (if any) of the app is installed and either open the app at said screen, update the app or download the app before taking you to the screen. You will then see the below ‘Accept your invitation’ screen.



To start you will need to type in your mobile number and tap the ‘Check my number’ button. If you have been granted access by the school, this will automatically generate a text message to be sent, with a unique access code, which you will need to enter on the next screen. ‘TheSchoolApp verification code: 123456. This code will expire in 10 minutes.’



If you happen to find that the school have not granted you access, a text message will not be sent, and you won’t be able to progress with the authentication flow.

If you have not actioned the code within the SMS in the 10 minutes it’s active for, you will need to follow these steps for TheSchoolApp to recognise you would like to receive individual messages for your child/children.

Open the app and tap the word ‘More’, click the school in question, which will now show you are a guest of, tap the ‘Verify’ button, and then tap the ‘I understand’ button.

The next screen, will ask for your mobile number to be filled in, complete this and a new access code will be sent through straight away. The access code will need to be tapped into the box and then tap ‘enter’. This should now allow you to complete the process as an authenticated user.

You can look up trouble-solving solutions by tapping on the “Not received an SMS?” link and are presented with a pop-up.



If you should be the nominated contact for your child within the school, please contact the school directly and they will be able to check this for you. The process will need to be started again, once rectified, please do remember that whilst you are waiting for issues to be resolved, you are still able to view the school app as a guest user.

Once the unique code has been received and entered correctly, you will then be asked to set a 4-digit pin. You will need to again confirm this once set.



A personal PIN provides extra security so that only you as the parent have access to read private messages.



Should your phone have the ability to recognise Face ID or Touch ID, you will be prompted and asked if you would like to use this instead of entering your PIN for the future.



If you have been sent a code but you don’t complete the authentication process, you will be asked to complete the PIN set up the first time you try and access a private message.

You will now see the school and pupil/s you are subscribed to by name. Next tap the ‘Done’ button.